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Dandelion Photography  |  Ellie Cotton


About you

You are the mum who values every moment - except maybe ketchup stains. 

Way back before you had kids,  you thought you knew how busy felt. Turns out you didn't. Now you are busy... with tonsillitis, tommee tippee and tantrums.

Mums say to me every day they feel guilty they don’t take enough photos.

They feel bad they don’t take photos which are good enough. I can't take away all your mummy guilt, but I can solve your photography guilt, by bringing you joyful and emotional photography you will treasure.As much as we complain about parenting, we still can’t believe how lucky we are.  I want to bottle that feeling so you can gaze at the beautiful young faces of your children - forever. 


About me

I'm Ellie Cotton and I am Dandelion Photography, yep it's all me!

I spend a lot of time trying to resist chocolate. I worry whether I'm completely messing my children up. And I always remember a face but I'm terrible with names. That's me.

I live on on the edge of the Peak District National Park in North-West England with my husband and two amazing, headstrong children. I'm originally from London, but we moved up to Cheshire in 2010 just before having children and it's the best decision we ever made. We're now surrounded by green fields and the great outdoors, perfect for bringing up children - and with the added bonus of an astonishing view out our windows overlooking the village of Bollington.

Shoot. Edit. Love.

Quite honestly I've always been bordering on obsessive about photography. Many friends in the past have suffered me ignoring them whilst I'm getting the perfect shot on holiday, and now my husband knows that a big part of the point of family holidays for me is photographing and filming the kids.

First trees, then people

I started out, way back in the old days, with a second-hand Practika film SLR when I was about 10 years old. Back in the days of film, I developed my own prints at home. But being a rather shy child, I only tackled landscape photography back then. Like many others, having my first child was a complete epiphany for me and so my passion is now for family lifestyle and documentary photography and all about people.

But I've not forgotten my childhood love of landscapes, and maybe that's why my style is so environmental.

The view from my house.

The view from my house.


about my photography

about my photography



Soulful photography to capture your family story

I offer lifestyle and documentary photography in a environmental style, telling stories of birth, babies, family and parenting.

Instead of a studio and artificial lights, I prefer to use your everyday surroundings. Whether that's your home or your chosen outdoor location, you are your family can relax and authentic, unforced emotions and genuine smiles are the result. Location shoots are a familiar environment for the kids - it's just a family walk with a bit of silliness thrown in.  I also like to incorporate the beauty of the beautiful British countryside in an environmental style.

A good photo shoot needs no time pressure + tons of fun and laughter for kids

You might see my monkey impression, or hear me asking the kids  kids if they like broccoli ice cream - and I'm an expert at working with children no matter what mood they arrive in. I love working with babies and children I find their personalities and expressions quite fascinating to capture. That's why unlike many other photographers I don't offer weddings, as I prefer the completely authentic interactions that come from parents and children.

With children in the frame, every shoot has something different.


family documentary photography showing children running and having fun


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