The Photography Workshop for Parents


Learn how to get fantastic photos of your children in just one day - just in time for summer!

ROCK YOUR CAMERA is my one-day beginners photography course held at Stanneylands Hotel in Cheshire. The course is specifically designed for busy parents. I've been a professional photographer for nearly 10 years and I love teaching parents how to get better photos of their children.

The course was fab for me, a complete SLR novice and I’m now loving the search for bokeh. I’m even looking at lighting in films and TV programmes now! Thank you again.


£99 per person

What's included :

  • Small group workshop (maximum 10 attendees) so I can give you individual attention,
  • Technical "how to" sheets for your specific model of camera
  • Two practical sessions where we go out of the classroom to try out your new skills
  • Delicious lunch, teas & coffees
  • "Cheatsheets" with all the vital bits to remember, because no-one likes reading a long manual
  • Four weeks of email support from me after the workshop to solve any problems you encounter
  • Rock your camera facebook group with 4 weekly assignments to help you practice what you have learned



Rock Your Camera ~ Sun 8 July

Time: 9am to 2pm / Venue: Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow SK9 4EY


Luxury gift certificate for Rock Your Camera photography workshop. Gift certificate will be delivered within 2-3 days - if you require it sooner let me know via email



Course Content


A bit more detail on what we cover during the day...


exposure triangle

Understand what we mean by ISO, f-stops and shutter speeds, and what you need to know to start getting better photos.

get off auto-mode

Learn why taking control of your camera is the only way to achieve lovely fuzzy backgrounds and exposure.

good and bad light

How to find glorious light and avoid hideous light. Start to see light will make a huge difference to your photos.


The rules of composition which can turn ordinary snapshots into extraordinary photos

avoid blur

Understand why your photos are blurred, the mistakes you're making, and how to get them super sharp.

different styles

What is family documentary photography? How do you get cooperation from your children for better photos?


I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course, your style and easy manner in covering so much ground. I previously did a term’s course at a local college but I can honestly say I learned ten times more at your workshop. Thank you!


Q - What camera do I need? Is it ok if to use my phone?
A - The course is designed for parents with a DSLR or mirrorless camera who want to learn how to get out of auto-mode and start getting fantastic photography. To get the most out of the course you need one of these cameras and bring it on the course with you.

Q - How will I learn so much in one day?
A - This is an intensive workshop - but taught in a fun and progressive way. There are 2 outdoor practicals included on the day to get you trying out new skills straight away. Then, in the weeks following the workshop you can also join in with 4 online assignments to practice further.

Q - Do you cover composition / camera modes / focus? 
A - Scroll down to see a course outline for details on what we cover during the workshop.

Q - Are the online assignments essential?
A - Not at all, but they are designed to encourage you to practice. Because I know that parents are busy, and I don't want you to come to the workshop and then not pick up your camera again for six months. I want to get you polishing your new skills and very quickly reaping the rewards!

Q - I have been using my camera for a few years, is the course still useful?
A - Whether you just bought your camera, it's been sat in a cupboard, or you have some basic skills already - this workshop is suitable for you. The technical side of the course will cover how and why to use aperture-priority mode effectively - if you are already comfortable using this mode then it may still be applicable but please email me to discuss your individual needs. 

Q - I honestly have no clue how to use my camera - does this matter?
A - You don't need to know how to use your camera, because I will create a guide for you. Before the workshop I'll ask for your camera details and create specific guide just for your camera model. The only thing you do need to know is how to charge it up and insert a memory card!

Q - I don't have children, is the course still relevant?
A - Most of the examples I use are tailored to parents, and make the assumption that this will be your main photography subject. However you don't need to have children to come on the course - the content is relevant for all types of photography.

Thank you Ellie!! I got such a lot out of the workshop and feel so much more confident using my camera. I really like your style and enjoyed all the content. I just feel so excited to practice!
— Claire Brookes
Ellie Cotton photography training


Ellie Cotton is a the owner & photographer of Dandelion Photography, and has been photographing families, children, births and events since 2010. However she actually picked up her first SLR camera when aged just 11 years old - and that's over 30 years ago - gulp! 

Since creating the ROCK YOUR CAMERA workshop in early 2017, Ellie has taught over 60 parents with tremendous response from those attending - please take a look at the testimonials below.

You can read more about Ellie & her photography style here.



Our venue is the luxury Stanneylands Hotel, a country manor hotel located near Manchester International Airport and Manchester city centre.

Location : Stanneylands Hotel, Wilmslow SK9 4EY