Beginners Photography Course


Revolutionise your photography in just half a day

If you’re reading this I’m pretty sure I know how it is. You’re frustrated by the photos you take but you’re too busy to add an evening course to your schedule. I hear this all the time! My beginners photography courses are friendly and accessible - a one day course which is packed with content. I’ll teach you both technical and artistic aspects of photography, and guide you in practical exercises to hone your skills.

The course was designed for busy parents who want to get better photos of their children, but it really is suitable for all beginners. If you photograph landscapes; want to improve your travel photography; or get amazing photos for your cat’s instagram account - my photography workshop will teach you how to take your camera off AUTO to start getting fabulous photos.

Find out more about course content below, and see for yourself the dramatic improvement past students have enjoyed after attending the ROCK YOUR CAMERA photography workshop.

I got so much out of the workshop and feel so much more confident using my camera. I love your style and enjoyed all the content. Now I just feel so excited to practice!
— Claire Brookes

 Course Content


YOUR CAMERA - A simple guide to how your camera works and a breakdown of all the terminology

EXPOSURE - Understand what we mean by ISO, aperture and shutter speed

CAMERA MODES - Exploring the different camera modes, and why you should stop using AUTO!

APERTURE PRIORITY MODE - Why you should try it, and a winning formula for using aperture priority to take control of your camera and use it to it’s full potential

GOOD AND BAD LIGHT - Learn how to recognise good light and avoid bad light, and how to shoot in different conditions.

BOKEH - how to achieve those lovely fuzzy backgrounds, making the most of the camera you have

COMPOSITION - The rules of composition which can turn ordinary snapshots into extraordinary photos

AVOIDING BLUR - Understand the 4 main reasons you are getting blurry photos and the best ways to ensure your photos are super sharp.

PHOTOGRAPHY STYLES - How do you go beyond cheesy photos? Learn how different styles of photography can give your photos more depth.

FINAL TIPS - The best way to practice and hone your new skills further after the workshop!

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed your course, your style and easy manner in covering so much ground. I previously did a term’s course at a local college but I can honestly say I learned ten times more at your workshop. Thank you!


£95 per person, includes

  • Small group workshop (maximum 10 attendees) so I can give you individual attention,

  • Instructions sheets specific to your model of camera

  • Two practical sessions during the morning where we go out of the classroom to try out new skills

  • Your "Cheatsheets" guide which summarise all the vital topics

  • Teas & coffees, and mid-morning pastries

  • Entry to my Rock your camera facebook group where I post assignments to help you progress further and offer ongoing support


Each workshops is limited to just 10 places so early booking is recommended - click a dates below to secure your place

Rock Your Camera ~ Sun 17 Nov

VENUE - The Tractor Shed, Bollington, SK10 5QU
From 9.30am to 1.30pm

Rock Your Camera ~ Sat 8 Feb

VENUE - The Tractor Shed, Bollington, SK10 5QU
From 9.30am to 1.30pm


Gift certificate for a place on any future Rock Your Camera workshop. Fabulous present for any photography enthusiast!


Want to know future dates ?

Workshops generally take place on one weekend in January, February, April, June, September & November each year. If you would like to be added to the waitlist to be the first to hear when details are confirmed, please email me at



Here are just a few student photos from before & after the workshop, showing a fabulous improvement in technique and style.



Q - I have been using my camera for a few years, is the course still useful?

A - Whether you just bought your camera, it's been sat in a cupboard, or you have some basic skills already - this workshop is suitable for you. The technical side of the course will cover how and why to use aperture-priority mode effectively - if you are already comfortable using this mode then sometimes the course may still be applicable but please email me if you want to discuss what level your are at and what is covered in more detail.

Q - I honestly have no clue how to use my camera - does this matter?

A - You don't need to know how to use your camera, because I will create a guide for you. Before the workshop I'll ask for your camera details and create specific guide just for your camera model. The only thing you do need to know is how to charge it up and insert a memory card!

Q - I don't have children, is the course still relevant?

A - Although lots of my examples in the course are about photographing children, the content is suitable for anyone with an interest in photography. If you prefer landscapes, travel, portrait or animal photography - you still need to learn the principles of taking control and understanding the best way to use your camera for the photo you are taking, which is what I teach in this course.

Q - What camera do I need?

A - The course is designed for those with a DSLR or mirrorless camera who want to learn how to get out of auto-mode. To get the most from the course you will need a camera that has the option of aperture priority mode.

Not sure what sort of camera you have? I’m happy to check if your camera is suitable - just email me with your camera details

Q - How will I learn so much in one day?

A - This is an intensive workshop - but taught in a fun and progressive way. There are 2 outdoor practicals included on the day to get you trying out new skills straight away. Then, in the weeks following the workshop you can also join in with online assignments to practice further. This is vital for really getting to grips with all the content we’ll discuss, however you can of course do this at your own speed.

Q - Do you cover composition / camera modes / focus? 

A - See above (scroll up) for a full course outline


Ellie Cotton photography training

About ME

I’m Ellie Cotton and the owner & photographer of Dandelion Photography, I picked up my first SLR camera at just 11 years old - over 30 years ago.

Everyone knows me as a photography obsessive. I started as a teenager photographing mostly landscapes and trees, and in my 20’s turned to travel photography as I explored many corners of the world. My photography has changed again after my birth of my children, and I now do mostly family photography and documentary photography, including launching my own photography business around 10 years ago.

I live in East Cheshire with husband and 2 young children and I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the world. The landscape around us gives me so much rich opportunity and provides a fantastic backdrop for shoots.

Since creating the ROCK YOUR CAMERA workshop in early 2017, I have taught over 60 parents with tremendous response from those attending. You can read more about me and my photography style here.

Rock Your Camera was fab for a complete SLR novice like me. I’m now loving photography and my search for bokeh!
— Heidi Worthington