Mother's Day treat ideas

I have to tell you I'm shocked. Shocked at how many of my mummy clients tell me that they feel guilty they don't have "enough" photos, or they don't take "good enough" photos of their children. 

There are a million things we mums feel guilty about. I'm always feeling guilty I'm a terrible cook. No honest, I mean I struggle to boil an egg without incident. As I say to my husband.. "it's not in my skillset".

So this mother's day I have come up with two easy options for anyone searching for a Mother's Day present. Two options which I hope will get your brownie points!

Option 1:
The all-in-one photoshoot package

That's one of the reasons I love presenting mums with images after my Mini Sessions. I can see they are so happy that particular worry has been removed, and they can now just enjoy gazing at their gorgeous images. 

Mums are also terrible at getting in the photo with their kids - myself included! Mini Sessions are great for that. Painless and fun & then you have that photo with your kids you are proud of, with the good angles and the flattering light. 

My Mini Sessions happen on dates throughout the year, and are a perfect all-in-one package for trying out professional photography for the first time. 

Mini Session packages include :

  • Pre-shoot consultation to customise & plan your session
  • Digital mini Session guide giving you tips about what to wear and how to prepare for your shoot
  • 25 minute mini shoot on location on one of my mini dates throughout the year
  • Online gallery with 15+ fully edited images to choose from
  • Beautiful gift box with four 8×6″ mounted prints of your favourite images and the same four high-resolution images on USB drive

So if she wants photos, how about a MINI SESSION gift certificate so she can choose the date ?


Option 2 :
Photography workshop & a mummy treat too

I also love teaching mums photography at my Rock Your Camera workshop. They learn to capture some of those everyday moments themselves, and capture them better, so now those images are now "good enough".

My Rock Your Camera workshops are perfect for every mum who has a fancy camera but doesn't know how to use it, or feel intimidated by all the fancy dials. And it doesn't stop there because workshop students can all join my exclusive Facebook group for further assignments and extended learning - helping you get to grips with everything you learnt and practice on your own kids.

And the BONUS part of the workshop turns out to be the day itself!  All my mums say how much they have enjoyed something diffferent - a day away from the kids, a day using their brain, at a luxury hotel with an uninterrupted lunch. What's not to love about that?

At the moment, there are two options available. Firstly, my STANDARD "ROCK YOUR CAMERA" WORKSHOP, which I taught all last year and the last of which will take place in March 2018, which includes light lunch, refreshments and two outdoor practical sessions. Or alternatively, my EXTENDED "ROCK YOUR CAMERA" WORKSHOP which starts in May 2018 and replaces the standard workshop. This includes a new extended syllabus, Q&A session, and new delicious 2 course lunch and refreshments - because I've learnt that what mums really want is time to learn, time for a luxury lunch, but for the day to be unhurried for maximum enjoyment! But if you are unsure which to opt for, you can choose the STANDARD WORKSHOP and pay later to upgrade to the EXTENDED WORKSHOP if required.

So, if she is a photography enthusiastic, how about a ROCK YOUR CAMERA gift certificate?

OPTION 1 : The Photoshoot Package

OPTION 2 : The Photography Workshop 


Gift certificate for a place on any future Rock Your Camera workshop. Fabulous present for any photography enthusiast!


And if you are after something else altogether, want to build a customised shoot, or have further questions.. just email me at and I will be delighted to help!