Christmas Mini Shoots - what to wear

This is my guide for clients who have booked one of my Christmas Mini Shoots this November, at Ivy Cottage Christmas Tree farm in Wilmslow and Clayton Fold Christmas Tree Farm in Kettleshulme. Clothes really make a huge difference to a shoot - I say this so much at all my shoots, I’m like a broken record!

General principles & choosing your theme

There are some general rules to follow in choosing clothes for a photoshoot, so please download my What to wear Guide here.  Although this is not specific to Christmas, the general principles apply.

If you don't want to put a Christmas twist on your photos, so they can be put up on the wall all year around, then just refer to my guide above. The beauty of my Christmas Minis is that you can choose whether you make them Christmas-theme or not.

If you want a bit of both, I may be able to do this, depending on how many shots we get through in the time, but it’s best to choose which theme is your priority and start with that.

For a neutral theme

For neutral, you’re all set. Just follow the general guide, but I recommend sticking to a blue, bluey-green and mustard colour palette as these will blend well with the trees around us.

For a Christmas twist

If you want your photos to be very much Christmas themed, I recommend that you stick to a simple theme utilising a pop of the colour red.

This means you choose one item of clothing that is red - or predominantly red - such as a skirt, shirt or cardigan, whilst the rest of the outfit should be fairly plain colours and patterns that won't distract from that piece of clothing.

For example, for boys that might be a red checked shirt or jumper with jeans, for girls that might be a plain navy top with a red skirt. Bear in mind that "less is more" and "keep it simple" - we don't want a child dressed head to toe in red skirt, red jumper and red tights. 

For the clothes that aren’t red, again I suggest blues and neutrals - especially greys and beiges.

If two children are being photographed, you would ideally vary where that red item is - so they aren’t both wearing red jumpers. But I must stress this is not as vital, just adds a bit extra polish if you can achieve it - and it’s tricky enough to dress more than one child!

I have put together a pinterest board with items in high street shops at the moment to give you some ideas -

And take a look at these images from Christmas shoots which demonstrate the principles outlined above.

Need some help?

If co-ordinating an outfit for your child is a nightmare - don’t despair!

I’m here to help and if you take photos of ideas on your phone and send them to me, I’m happy to help you in putting an outfit together.