Family photography Cheshire - the Worthington Family

The Worthington family live a stone’s throw from my house in Bollington. I’m at the top of the hill, and they are at the bottom. I know it’s a little silly, but because Bollington is such a close-knit community I’m always surprised to meet a family that I haven’t met before! Bollington has a population of around 8,000 but somehow you meet so many other families as you raise children here, whether through baby classes, playgroups, schools or other children’s activities like karate and rugby. It’s one of the things that I love about living here, compared with where I grew up, in South-West London.

With their son having had quite a few health problems in his first few years, family life has been busy for the Worthingtons and so they hadn’t yet managed to get family photos. So I was delighted to enjoy a session with the family to do just that, as it was long overdue! We had a fabulous walk up to the hills above Lyme Park where the sun beat down on us.

Ellie CottonComment