Redesmere Lake, Macclesfield | Family photoshoot


I love exploring new areas of Cheshire. So when mum Karis suggested Redesmere Lake for their shoot, I was excited to see what was there and how we could use it in the photos.

You couldn’t tell from the photos, we actually only used just a few areas - an adjacent cow field, the waterbirds promenade (as I’m grandly naming it, don’t know the real name!) and then, just the car park!

With some glorious weather and a little bit of artistic magic, stirred together with some of my tickling and hilarious jokes, the light dances around the photos and we ended up with some beautiful images for Karis and her gorgeous little girl.

If you have a child who loves to feed the ducks, this is a great day out especially for little ones who can’t walk far yet as the parking is just next to the lake. The Lake is near the village of Siddington, parking is on Redesmere Ln, Macclesfield SK11 9JR and is a little stop for a day out with kids around Macclesfield.