Day in the Life


What are "day in the life" shoots?

These shoots capture a snapshot in your life as a family, one that might seem sometimes mundane but are nostalgic memories in the making. This is authentic, completely unscripted, emotive photography - also known as documentary family photography. I offer either half-day or full-day shooting.


How do "day in the life" shoots differ from your "family session"?

Day in the life sessions differ from my family sessions in both the way they are shot & the results.

Planning - We don't plan a scenic location for your shoot, it just takes place wherever you happen to over the course of the session. I don't advise you what to wear, you all wear whatever you're comfortable in, and the kids might even wear a dinosaur suit if that's what they feel like on that day.

Shooting - You won't be posing or following instructions. I won't ask the children to stand still, or smile for the camera. I just follow you doing whatever you're doing. However I will be chatting to you all during the session just like any guest that comes to your house, or accompanies you on your day, because that helps me get a sense of you as a family so i can try to capture that  in your photography and keeps everyone at ease. I will capture a range of emotions, activities and connections between you. So I do keep shooting whether your toddler is having a tantrum, pouring glitter all over the floor, or sulking in the corner. I photograph everything except if my presence is upsetting children. 

Photography - Rather than capturing a single family portrait to hang over the fireplace, the results of a Day in the life session photography will tell your family story. It captures a slice of your life, the emotions and connections between you all, and there are always both tender moments and funny moments. As a result clients often display a group of their favourite images together on the wall and/or choose an album to tell the full story from start to finish.


There is no perfect image but instead there is  powerfully authentic story