Your children are growing before your eyes. Family life can be so hectic - it’s hard to pause and take it all in. 

But there will come a time when you’re aching to remember these few short years - even the tough times. You can’t wind the clock back but, wherever you are in your parenting journey, you can make the very most of NOW.

Let me help you to document this special time.

My photographs will tell your family’s story in all its beautiful, emotional, ever-changing intensity.

I have been photographing families for the nearly 10 years to capture the “now” of childhood. My family sessions are done outdoors, at home - or both. Children feel very relaxed both at home and outdoors - to them it's just a regular day or family walk. That's how I get the best out of them and let their personalities shine through in the photos. 


meet Ellie

I am a professional photographer specialising in families, newborns, branding &commercial photography.

I’m also a mum to a 5 year old boy and 9 year old girl who are both my muses and my most difficult clients!


my style

My style is environmental natural style, as I love to use beautiful surroundings in my photos.

I also love to capture the unplanned moments because children are always full of surprises. A “moment” like this (see photo) often arrives right in front of me but the skills is in deciding how to capture it.


a relaxed vibe

Client often say how I make them feel relaxed straight away. Maybe because I’m open and honest to a fault, and also rather self-deprecating.

Having worked with children for nearly a decade, I have found many ways to make sure children are quickly relaxed on a shoot. In fact, I’ll sometimes spend more time on this than taking photos but that is crucial to ensuring amazing results.

A few years later, and I still look at my photos and well up!!
They capture such a special memory for me. We will cherish them forever.
— Charlotte Palazzo, Bollington