We are creating a new website, product shots and branding photography for a brand new funky, colourful clothing brand for children aged from 0 to 5.



You will receive at least 5 professional high-resolution shots, probably more. As this is a small startup clothing brand we are not offering payment for the shoot, but hope this is a great opportunity to get professional shots for your portfolio and to potentially show to larger brands.

For business reasons, we won’t be able to release these images to you before the date of the brand launch in April 2019. However after this date we are happy for you to share your images however you wish, as long as you tag the brand - all details will be given - and of course you will be free to use them for portfolio purposes after the brand launch date.


Shoots will take place February / March 2019. At present we have 5 shoots planned on different dates.

The location for ths shoots is being researched at the moment, and we will let you know the exact location before you have to commit to the job. However the location will most likely be in East Cheshire or areas near Buxton.



We are looking for the following models :

Boys and girls, who wear 6 - 12 months clothing size & 12 - 18 months clothing size

Boys and girls, who wear 2 - 3 years old clothing size

Boys and girls, who wear 3-4 clothing size & 4-5 clothing size


If you would like your child to be considered for this job please CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Note : You will need to attach at least 2 photos to your application & I recommend completing this on a laptop or desktop if possible.

If you have with the application form above you can also supply the same information via email to