Explore how to capture everyday moments, and what is important in your "now"

The assignment

Capture up a few "moments" that you feel will have meaning to you in years to come. Post them in the facebook group & in the photo description briefly explain why they have meaning to you.

Some examples..

Depending on your personality you might think that this assignment is "too easy" or "much too vague". So I've compiled some of my own moments of my children to hopefully give you some ideas and and clarify things. You can see from the examples below that moments can be both mundane, at home in your everyday routine, and they can be on holiday, on a day-out or even a trip to the pub.



The meaning :
Kit brought his children's camera on holiday and I love this photo because he is taking his task very seriously and taking his time to get the perfect photo. Maybe one day he will be a photographer and I can show him this photo!

Notes on composition :
I've used the rule of thirds in this photo - and many others below. There is no face but that's ok because you can see the camera which is the point of it.



The moment :
My children on holiday just started gathering rocks and moving them around the beach. This is so "them" and something they often do.

Notes on composition :
With documentary photography you can break "rules" - you can chop off heads, have some stuff out of focus. In this photo the blur of my daughter is intentional she's still part of the moment but being blurred and with my son in focus, she helps to frame him in the background.



The moment :
Kit pulls all sorts of faces when he's concentrating and doing activities. I love this photo simply because it's one of his faces that is "so him".

Notes on seeing the moment:
This is a fairly simple photo and when taking it I wasn't really sure what the "moment" was. I took lots of photos but I only saw the moment afterwards when looking at them on my computer.


Table Football

The moment :
Kit was too small to reach the table football so fetched himself a chair, and I love this moment because they rarely play together so happily and it shows her helping him as she hands him the ball.

Notes on composition :
I knelt down on the floor for this shot because the most important thing was to show that he's on a stool, to show how small he looks and clever he was by fetching the stool. Think about what is most important in your moment.


The moment :
The kids are always fighting about getting into the car one way or the other. Eva protests "mummy he did this" - this photo reminds me of those squabbles. Annoying now but I'm sure at some point I'll look back with fond memories?!

Notes on eye contact:
For documentary photography you generally want to avoid EYE CONTACT from anyone in the photo. If they are "camera-aware" you usually don't get a genuine moment. As my kids are so sick of the camera they rarely look at it - but it will take awhile for yours to get used to not looking at your camera!


The moment :
At a typical weekend breakfast the kids decided to draw faces on their eggs. I also love that Eva still has her sleepmask on her face - she had a phase of saying it's helped her sleep better!

Notes on composition :
The house was a mess and I didn't want to photograph that as it would be distracting. The main thing to get in the photo was the kids plus the egg with a face. So to avoid the mess I got in quite close, chopping off bits of heads - which is ok in documentary photography.



The moment :
Kit got the idea that he should fill up his bucket with water from the nearby pond, then climb this rock and pour it off. This photo reminds me of how he comes up with funny ideas.

Notes on children's behaviour :
Kids often REPEAT THEIR BEHAVIOUR. So if they do something funny and you miss it, just be ready because usually they will do it again. First time I didn't really get the angle right on this, second time I switched position to get a better view of the water flowing - which is what I was trying to capture.



The moment :
Kit went through a phase of waking up super-early, hours before Eva. This reminds me of those times when he just wanted to cuddle on the sofa watching TV, always wanting to get as close as possible to me.

Notes on small moments:
You don't need to get faces in the frame. You don't need to look for "big" moments. Those baby feet seemed mundane (and tiring!) at the time, but now, a year later, they give me a sweet feeling of early mornings on the sofa with him.


The meaning :
As I mentioned before, Kit is a boy has a very expressive face. This photo makes also me laugh because of him demanding 2 drinks at the pub!

Notes on composition :
Not a particularly tidy photo with people in the background but with documentary I wouldn't ask him to move because then the moment would have passed. Just a simple centre composition was the best I could do here.


The moment :
I discovered this constructed on a table. I photographed it because it is so Kit. He likes everything in order, in the "right place" and he loves shapes.

Notes on no-people photography:
The evidence of "kids were here" is a small moment easily missed. But there is actually an entire website dedicated to this :



The moment :
Eva is doing something she loves, writing notes and creating a "shop" in her room. Kit is doing what he typically does, ignore Eva and do something else - jigsaw. This photo just reminds me how independently minded they are.

Notes on angles:
I needed to think about the angle here. To get both of them in the frame and also see what they are doing, the overhead view was the only one that worked.


Ice Cream

The moment :
I love that Kit is the age where he can't eat anything without a mess. It's something so reminiscent of childhood. I also love that my husband is looking with disdain as he always does in these situations!

Notes on composition:
I've purposely stepped back here, away from my seat, so that I'm removed from the situation. I can then get the whole family in the frame with their reactions, and then the photo is more like a "fly on the wall". I didn't know this was going to happen so I didn't plan this, but I did know that when he was eating an ice cream he would probably do something funny.

finally I want to emphasise....

the main thing is to have your camera ready!