Light Seekers | France

On our annual holiday in France my greatest pleasure is doing a spot of my own family photography.

We were blessed with sunshine, a bit too much sunshine if I'm honest. I know it's very British of me to moan about hot weather but it was 37 degrees on many days. Did I mention we were in a mobile home?

When it gets that hot my brain starts melting. Worst of all carrying around my camera is hard work in the heat.

In the cooler evenings, in the brief respite after the kids were asleep I did catch up on some online photography courses I have signed up for this year. I had a big revelation about getting better photos of my own children - more on that another day. 

But one particular course grabbed me, and completely fitted the light around us in France, Light Seekers Breakout by Clickin Moms

I started looking for light in more unorthodox ways and trying to shoot out of my comfort zones. 

It is exciting to try more and challenging myself to do something fresh. I can't wait to get out and put more of this into action in my family photo shoots.