Natural tones | Family Shoot

The start of a big adventure

The Blackmore family contacted me wanting to create some memories of their time living in Wilmslow, shortly before they all relocated to mum's home country, Mexico, for a few years. What a big adventure for the adorable 2-year-old Emily!

I always give my clients some advice on "what to wear" on their family photo shoot, but I was so delighted that mum was keen to get a coherent and subtle look for the family. She did a fantastic job and I think their gallery shows perfectly how clothing can really make a difference.

Clothing and family shoots

I recommend coordinating clothing choices - but not matching. In the US there is a, somewhat outdated, trend to dress everyone in jeans and white t-shirt. This is a simple and makes a bold photo, but does look rather like a uniform in the photography. 

For this shoot, the subtle colour palette of creams and putty colours blended fantastically with the blustery foliage and leaf colours around us in The Carrs park in Wilmslow. 

Pinterest clothing inspiration

A great way to gather inspiration for your clothing choices is Pinterest, which is stuffed full of helpful pins just for this very task. To guide you I have also created some boards on my Pinterest headquarters.

I also create boards specific to the seasons, to show clients what to wear in autumn and what to wear in winter. With my mini shoots coming up soon, watch out for another board shortly especially for Spring shoots!

Complement not compete

We aim to complement the photography. We don't want clothing that competes for attention with large bold writing or a massive embroidered Peppa Pig, because the first thing you will see in that photo will be Peppa Pig, rather than your child!

Instead colours and patterns need to work with the natural surroundings and the simple beauty of your children, who ultimately are the heart of the photo shoot.

Mum's reaction

As for all my clients, I hand delivered their order to the family's home. However this time, the house was bare as that very morning the delivery truck had been to collect the furniture. But I'm pleased to say the images made it safely over to Mexico and I mum is loving sharing her photos showing the cool temperate climes of the UK with her family. I hope to see them when they return to the UK in a few years and see how Emily has grown.

If you want family images to treasure which are also relaxed and timeless, Ellie is definitely the one. The way she captures those precious moments in life is priceless!
— Gigi Blackmore