Bollington Veterinary Centre, Commercial Shoot


Many years ago I used to be a veterinary nurse. I love animals and it was a fascinating job, and I still remember a lot of my training, anatomical names and random facts. Did you know cats have no collar bone? And that a chinchilla's pregnancy lasts 111 days? Yep, they aren't facts that prove useful in everyday life.

So as a photographer it was a great joy to be asked to do a commercial photography shoot for Bollington Veterinary Centre, owned and run by vet Nick Rushton. With a new website he was keen to get a large number of photos to show clients what they do behind the scenes and the interiors of their brand new purpose-build premises in Bollington, Cheshire. I captured the workings of the centre during a typical working day, including the consultations with clients, minor operations, dental procedures and x-rays. Just all the regular jobs I used to do as a veterinary nurse every day, so it was a trip down memory lane really!

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