The revolving door of Springtime


Spring is perhaps my favourite season - and that probably says a lot about me…

I like the anticipation of Summer just a few short months away. I like the arrival of the lambs in the nearby fields and the flowers which seem to, quite literally, “spring” from the depths of winter.

Also, I’ve never liked feeling too hot, so I prefer Spring to Summer. Despite this, during August I then have a sense of gloominess that the temperature and the light-levels are only going in one direction for many months for come - colder and darker. That’s the melacholic side of me!.

Spring lambs Cheshire Photographer

This image above might be my favourite image of Spring so far this year.

It was taken on the isle of Islay, Scotland during a few weeks ago, as we were walking through a field from the car to the beach just beyond. The huge field was full of sheep, and as we came over one hill these two lambs stood stock still with ears aloft. I was surprised they didn’t run away quicker but seemed almost to pose for their photo.

I used my Sony 85mm G-MASTER prime lens, and chose a smaller aperture (f7.1) so that I could include some of the landscape beyond and the grass blowing in the breeze around them. I snapped this one quickly, expecting them to run but they did pause for quite awhile until they heard their mum calling over the other side of the field and bolted off.

It occured to me that these two small lambs probably posed better than my own children ever do - so that tells you something about the reality that is “photographer’s child syndrome”. Maybe I should adopt some sheep instead!

The other thing to be said about Spring is that it’s so darn unpredictable!

You could say that about most seasons of course, but in Spring it feels like one minute you are in the depths of winter and the next baking in summer. And the next day who knows what - it’s really a revolving door from winter into spring.

This was clearly the case on our Scotland trip, with trips to two different beachs on two different days certainly felt like two different seasons.

Baking in a t-shirt and a little sunburnt one day. Wrapped in thermals, with a sandstorm exfoliating your skin and feet numbed by the cold the next!

Which one would you prefer of these two?

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